In 2018-2019, together with Lokbiradari Prakalp – Hemalkasa

Sahdhana Vidyalaya, Nelgunda

Our project objective for the years 2018-2019 is to support the areas that will contribute further towards tribal children’s betterment. Our focus for the years is to support Sadhana Vidyalaya – the Tribal school at Nelgunda by building a classroom (approx. €25000) for the school children.

Architect’s design for the classroom sheds.

The construction work has started in November 2018.

The Situation

Nelgunda is a remote village in the lush green forest of Dandakaranya and one of most sensitive naxalite region. The area is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, but cursed with inaccessibility for half the year, malaria parasites and zero educational opportunities. It is a small village in Bhamragad Tehsil of Gadchiroli District, connected by a 27kms of earthern road from Bhamragad. Bhamragad is 350 kms away from Nagpur and 200 kms away from Chandrapur as well as Gadchiroli. The entire area lacks road systems, electricity, and basic infrastructure.

The Nelgunda residents belong to the Madia community, a Gondi tribe, of Dravidian race, descended from the Abhujmad hills to the plains of Gadchiroli, originally hunter-gatherers and now doing crude rice-farming. They are indigenous people, predominantly oral, largely monolingual, with minimal culture contacts.

Sadhana Vidyalaya – Nelgunda

Education and health-care is very essential for a stable mental and healthy physical upbringing of each and every section of the society. In August 2015, with this vision and the demand for a school from villagers from surrounding areas, Lokbiradari Prakalpa started the school “Sadhana Vidyalaya” and health clinic at Nelgunda.

The social desire of the motivated volunteers is to provide, one of the remotest villages in this tribal region, the means-n-methods of healthy upbringing to the current and future generations of the Madia tribals of this region.

Our Project

The Sadhana Vidyalaya – Nelgunda, still in its infancy, currently caters to 130 children from kindergarten to grade 5. These young children below 10 years of age daily walk merrily to the school for as many as five km through the thick forest, crossing streams & small rivers and in extreme weather conditions, and walk back happily.

At present school classes are conducted under trees and tin shed. The region observes extreme summer and heavy rainfall, the unbearable conditions to conduct classes under trees and hot tin sheds.

The project started in 2018 and will end in December  2019. In this period Aadhaar4U:

  • will raise funds, approximately €25000, to build a strong and pragmatic wooden classroom that will provide the school children shelter and allow volunteers to conduct classes also during extreme weather conditions.


Photos of Nelgunda school and Surrounding area.