MSS-Anandwan, Warora, Chandrapur

Maharogi Sewa Samiti (MSS) is a non-profit organisation in Central India helping socially retarded people to enhance their livelihood capabilities through self-discovery and empowering them to contribute back to the society. It was founded in 1949 by internationally known human rights activist Baba Amte, to better the plight of the marginalized leprosy patients and people with disabilities through treatment, training and active inducement in self managed communes. The unique approaches of individual development consist of helping the marginalised break free from the past and regain their lost sense of dignity by engaging in production oriented trades to let them live an economically productive life. MSS has a firm belief in giving a ‘Chance’ and not just charity to the socially outcasts who have lost sense of self-respect. It gives them opportunities to self discover the worth of their hidden ability and thus eliminate their dependence on others.

Greeting Cards (“Give them a chance, not charity” – Baba Amte)

(Click on one of the cards for a large image).
These greeting cards are hand-made using recycled materials by our socially disadvantaged friends residing at MSS-Anandwan. They are available for sale and all proceeds from the sale will go to charity projects of Aadhaar4U. We are selling these for only €3.00 per card. Please contact one of the Aadhaar4U volunteers if you would like to purchase these or if you require more information.

Today MSS shelters rather unusual cohort of 3500 people spread in four districts of Central India consisting of leprosy patients, people with disabilities like the hearing and, visually impaired and orthopaedically handicapped, orphans, senior citizens and socially backward people like tribals. MSS aspires to make each of its differently-abled inmates self-reliant by imparting value based training thus enabling them to live their life with dignity.