Financial Reports

Aadhaar4U foundation supports various projects in remote places of western Indian state of Maharashtra. All members of the advisory committee, organisation committee and voluteers involved in Aadhaar4U project activities, work in honorary capacity and are not paid any fees or expense reimbursement, even for travel or stay.

The projects and related activities are selected primarily based on critera defined on the “Criteria” tab. Every year the advisory committee together with organisation committee prepares proposal for projects to be supported in next 12-18 months. With help of the financial reports below we provide information about the received donations and supported organisations┬áto the donors and volunteers.

On behalf of all the benefited charity organisations and beneficiaries of various projects we thank you all for your kind hearted Aadhaar (support).

Please find below Aadhaar4U organisation’s Income and Expence reports of past years: