Snehalaya, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Snehalaya’s vision is to develop awareness & capability in those members of the society who have been deprived of their rights because of the inequality and exploitation.

Its mission is to rescue victimized women and their children and rehabilitate them by providing food, shelter, clothing, education, health services and alternate vocational training.

Supporting over 400 homeless destitute children in residential homes, providing shelter and vocational training to more than 60 women in distress, educating over 900 children in slum based Bal bhavans, empowering and rehabilitating over 2100 commercial sex workers to lead a better life, providing medical treatment for over 6000 HIV +ve men and women every year, managing a 24×7 Childline and rescue operations, regularly saving children and women from abuse, facilitating adoption and placement of hundreds of infants into good families – Snehalaya is a place of vibrant activities that is making a positive difference to peoples’ lives and the society every single day.

At present Snehalaya is working with 2000 children in Ahmedngar district. They are in bad economical condition and cannot take the secondary and higher secondary education so that Snehalaya is supporting them.