Aadhaar4U’s VisionĀ is Sharing Humanity

Aadhaar4U is committed to provide support to the destitute and needy groups to reduce the pain of injustice to them so that:

  • the rights and dignity of such destitute people are respected and discrimination is ended

  • the financial resources of well wishers are shared and used in proper way

  • these groups have access to normal needs of life, such as, food, water, shelter, security, health, education and other common facilities.

The mission of the organisation is to:

  • Work alongside social charitable institutions in India

  • Promote the activities to collect financial AADHAAR (support) from the well wishers

  • Create awareness and challenge people to support the mission.

The goal of AADHAAR 4U will be to provide financial AADHAAR (support) to the charity organisation in remote areas of the Indian state of Maharashtra in the following way:

  • Education to the underprivileged orphan children

  • Help to handicap children

  • Support after the natural disasters

We would appreciate whatever support received from individuals and organisations to AADHAAR4U that will go a long way in supporting the needy to have a better life and chance to succeed in future.