Completed project for the years 2020-2021

Girl’s Dormitory repair works at Snehalaya, Ahmednagar, India.

AADHAAR4U committee highly appreciates Snehalaya’s belief, that ‘Every woman and child should have the right to a life free from inequality, cruelty, and discrimination.’ Snehalaya is a well-known organization and has a solid base for charity work for the past 30 years. Aadhaar4U has been associated with Snehalaya for more than 10 years.

The objective was to raise €12,500 for repair works of Girl’s Dormitory.

AADHAAR4U choose to support the great work of Snehalaya with the following project:
Girls’ Dormitory repair work

  • Electricity Fitting
  • Replacing doors, tiles of toilets and bathrooms & replacing all toilet pots
  • Paintwork

Miscellaneous requirements for girls in the Rehab Center

  • Mattresses (100 numbers)
  • Lockers (10 numbers)

The total project cost was Rs. 10,60,000/-, equivalent to € 12,500.

During 2020-2021, Aadhaar4U organized online fundraising events.

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In the years 2018-2019 Adhaar4U successfully raised €25000 to build a classroom for the school children at Sadhana Vidyalaya – the Tribal school at Nelgunda.

Nelgunda is a remote village in the lush green forest of Dandakaranya and one of most sensitive naxalite region. It is a small village in Bhamragad Tehsil of Gadchiroli District, connected by a 27kms of earthern road from Bhamragad. The entire area lacks road systems, electricity, and basic infrastructure. The Nelgunda residents belong to the Madia community, a Gondi tribe, originally hunter-gatherers and now doing crude rice-farming. They are indigenous people, predominantly oral, largely monolingual, with minimal culture contacts.

Education and health-care is very essential for a stable mental and healthy physical upbringing of each and every section of the society. In August 2015, with this vision and the demand for a school from villagers from surrounding areas, Lokbiradari Prakalpa started the school “Sadhana Vidyalaya” and health clinic at Nelgunda. The social desire of the motivated volunteers is to provide, one of the remotest villages in this tribal region, the means-n-methods of healthy upbringing to the current and future generations of the Madia tribals of this region.

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Aadhaar4U successfully raised € 15.000 associating with Naam foundation to support the drought affected village “KUTUBKHEDA” in the following project activities:


Together with NAAM foundation Aadhaar4U took responsibility to change the face of the drought affected village “KUTUBKHEDA” (taluka – Paithan, district – Aurangabad, in Maharashtra) by adopting and converting it into progressive and sustainable developing society.

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Aadhaar4U made the following project contributions.

  1. Donation of € 2.720 to Ojas Pratishthan Educational Trust for children’s education.
  2. Contribution of € 1.350 for a Backup Electricity Generator : Due to the heavy downfall and maintenance activities there is an urgent need for a backup electricity generator for Hemalkasa hospital. Together with Hemalkasa Global Group Aadhaar4U decides to contribute for this project.
  3. Contribution of € 500 and voluntary work at Surgical Camp in Hemalkasa hospital : Aadhaar4U volunteers Ms. Anagha Thakur and Ms. Ilse Moerland attend a surgical camp at Hemalkasa hospital, 06 – 10 January 2016.
Aadhaar4U contributes €10.000 to the construction of Respite Care Centre.

Sobti plans to provide a long term perspective to variously challenged children & youngsters requiring a care giving institution permanently. The Respite Care Facility will provide a healthy working and living environment as well as will help these children and youngsters to maximize their limited potential to lead a happy and self satisfying life. The children & youngsters would be looked after, helped and trained by professionals. In the management of the Facility, parents would also be involved and parents would not be allowed to abandon their children at the Facility. When the Facility is fully functional the Association would assure the parents that after them the care of their children or youngsters would be taken by the Association.

The Association has been donated a 0.80 acre of land at Mauje Khasghar, on Wada—Nashik highway about 8 kms from Wada, which is a Taluka place and is 60 kms from Thane. It takes two hours to reach the place from Thane. All the necessary relevant permissions have been obtained from the government and the land has been transferred in the name of the Association. Respite Care Facility will be set up at this place. The proposed plan provides dormitory accommodation for children & youngsters with separate wing for girls. It would have kitchen & dining rooms and open covered space for holding vocational classes and other activities. The facility would also have staff quarters and Guest Rooms. It is proposed that the Facility when it is fully functional would have about 10,000 sq. ft built up area and would accommodate 50 children & youngsters.

The estimated total cost of construction will be around Rs. 1.50 crore. The running cost of the Facility would be around Rs. 25 Lakhs per year for accommodating 50 children/youngsters, which would include salaries of the staff, electricity and water charges, cost of provisions etc. It means that cost per child/youngster would be around Rs. 40,000 per year or Rs. Rs.3000/- per month.

Aadhaar4U contributes to the following projects:

  1. € 1.660 Sandipani Gurukul
  2. € 3.800 Ojas Pratishthan Educational Trust for Female children
Crèche for the children of disabled couples at Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Anandwan.

Total Project Cost: € 9.000

  • € 2.730 Restoration of Existing building (some repairs and Painting)
  • € 1.365 Salary of the staff for a year
  • € 1.365 Educational Material with toys
  • € 2.050 Indoor games & school furniture
  • € 675 Excess fund required to meet the deficit in diet provided by Aanganwadi
  • € 815 Administrative Expenses (10% of the project cost)

Objective is to create an an atmosphere of space, freedom, care and security for children with special needs, by inculcating in the children a global outlook, love of nature, concern for mankind and technological proficiency that will together widen their horizons, enable them function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world and develop them fully as a complete human being.

Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora (MSS), is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1949 the great humanitarian Baba Amte. At the headquarters of MSS, at the Anandwan village, MSS rehabilitates leprosy patients and disabled individuals mainly from poorest of the poor strata. These individuals stay at Anandwan for a lifespan. MSS helps them regain their dignity through physical treatment, mental resurrection, societal reconstruction and skill building. These individuals get empowered and live an economically productive life after getting trained at MSS production centres

As a part of societal reconstruction process, every disabled individual in MSS village is encouraged to exert right to companionship, right to sexuality and right to parenthood. By virtue of being a MSS resident, besides providing them food, shelter, clothing and all basic necessities, MSS organizes community marriage functions where disabled people choose their spouse from the same or other disabled community. These disabled couples live a happy married life at MSS.

Keeping the aforesaid unfavorable conditions which do not support the healthy growth of infants and children of disabled parents, MSS started an informal crèche cum drop in centre for children in 2009. The parents drop their children in the center before going to work. These children remain in the kindergarten for 10 hours a day. Here they get a chance to interact with other children. However MSS has realized that merely having a drop in centre will not help them in long run. There has to be monitoring system which takes calculated efforts for their growth in all aspects such as physical health, scholastic performance, cultural education, instilling values and making them grow into responsible citizens.

Aadhaar4U contributed to the following project:

  1. € 4.500 The volunteer Ms. Anagha Thakur runs Amsterdam (half) Marathon and collects the money for donating the Electricity Generator for Hemalkasa
  2. € 4.500 Donation to Sangli school for children
  3. € 250 Sandipani child cost donation

Aadhaar4U contributed to the following projects:

Hemalkasa and the neighbouring region was home to the Madia Gond tribes who were foreign to the concepts of clothing, farming, health and education. After independence, their problems increased with large-scale exploitation by forest officials, traders and merchants who rampaged the forests for their own benefit. This prompted Baba Amte to begin a school as he felt that education was the only way in which the tribal people can be made aware of their condition and therefore strive to improve it. The school finally started under a tree, with 25 students on the first day. The school at present serves nearly 600 Madia children from Class 1 to Class 12. The children are provided with all essentials like food, accommodation, medical care, uniforms, stationery, comb, soap, oil etc.
Aadhaar4U provided financial support €5.500 to start Nursery (Balwadi) for 50 children between 4-6 years.

Ojas Pratishthan NGO with primary objective of educating female children education.
Aadhaar4U provided financial support €6.000 for supporting primary & secondary education of number of female children.

Snehalay is an NGO supporting over 400 homeless destitute children in residential homes, providing shelter and vocational training to more than 60 women in distress, educating over 900 children in slum based Bal bhavans, empowering and rehabilitating over 2100 commercial sex workers to lead a better life, providing medical treatment for over 6000 HIV +ve men and women every year, managing a 24×7 Childline and rescue operations, regularly saving children and women from abuse, facilitating adoption and placement of hundreds of infants into good families – Snehalaya is a place of vibrant activities that is making a positive difference to peoples’ lives and the society every single day.

Aadhaar4U provided IT center facilities, such as computers and software, worth €6000 for children’s education.

Sandipani Gurukul is an NGO organization established in the underdeveloped Konkan area (300km south of Mumbai) of India. Sandipani Gurukul looks after children who are orphans or come from broken homes from the neighborhood. It takes care of their total needs – residence, food, clothing, education, books, medical etc. and provides it totally free.

Aadhaar4U partially supported building of a small residential structure for care-takers at the establishment.

The founders of Aadhaar4U started their first project with Maharogi Sewa Samiti, a non-profit organisation in Central India helping socially retarded people to enhance their livelihood capabilities through self-discovery and empowering them to contribute back to the society.

Aadhaar4U provided financial support for one of the ongoing projects at Anandwan. This triggered the inception and formal registration of Aadhaar4U in the year 2006.