Sharing Humanity

Founded in 2006, AADHAAR 4U believes that all human beings have a right to live with dignity and respect. The naturally available resources and democratic facilities are a gift to be shared equally by all men and women, whatever their race, nationality or religion.

The Hindi/Marathi word AADHAAR means support. As the name suggests AADHAAR 4U plans to “support” you in “supporting” destitute group of people who are mostly neglected in day-to-day life due to poverty, handicaps, and social myths. The organisation is committed to provide little AADHAAR to the needy groups and to reduce the pain of injustice to them so that:

  • the rights and dignity of such destitute people are respected and discrimination is ended
  • the financial resources of well wishers are shared and used in proper way
  • these groups have access to normal needs of life, such as, food, water, shelter, security, health, education and other common facilities.

Sucessfully completede the project for 2022-2023

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Establishment of library in 10 villages in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, India.

AADHAAR4U highly appreciates Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi organization’s mission:

With justice and equity at the denominator for everything, we do believe in consensus-based nonviolent process for social transformation to create and foster community institutions as a vehicle for sustainable development.

It has reached more than 15000 students for financial literacy, leadership building and life skill education. At present working in 10 villages with 230 primary students for improving learning abilities and cognition.

In 2022-23, Aadhaar4U worked together with Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi for the establishment of a Community/School library at the village level. The focus was on providing the following for the targeted 10 villages in Korchi block of Gadchiroli District:

Books from Pratham – Library in Classroom Learning Concept

Montessori Learning Kit

Books on Culture, Resource Management, Climate

Learning and Evaluation Kit

Steel cupboard for Library and Learning Tools.

Aadhaar4U has supported the cause with the total amount of ₹ 313490/- for purchasing the above mentioned necessities.

Aadhaar4U has been working on selection of projects at various charity organisations focussing on upliftment of socially deprived people in the remote areas of Maharashtra-India.

Aadhaar4U associates itself with the following non-profit organisations

MSS - Anandwan

Maharogi Sewa Samiti is a nonprofit organisation in Central India helping socially retarded people to enhance their livelihood capabilities through self-discovery and empowering them to contribute back to the society.

MSS – Anandwan (click)

Snehalaya - An orphan house

Snehalaya’s vision is to develop awareness & capability in those members of the society who have been deprived of their rights because of the inequality and exploitation.

Snehalaya (Click)

Lokbiradari Prakalp - Hemalkasa

A project of the Maharogi Sewa Samiti(MSS), Warora, was started by the legendary social worker Baba Amte in 1973 for integrated development of Madia-Gond, the primitive tribals of Bhamragad in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra, India.

Lokbiradari Prakalp (Click)

Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi

The organization has reached 438 villages and 10 slums in the 13 districts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and connected with more than 5 lakh people in last 35 years.

Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi (Click)

NAAM Foundation

Started by Nana Patekar and Makarand Anaspure in September 2015, the foundation emerged after devastating conditions of drought & listening to agony of drought affected farmers in Maharashtra.

NAAM Foundation (Click)

Sandipani - An orphan house

Sandipani Gurukul is an organization dedicated to the upliftment of underprivileged children who come from broken/destitute families.

Sandipani (Click)